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you can host a local event

Once you've experienced a Wake the World event and invested time with local children and teens, you'll be hooked because the blessing you receive from "giving back" will keep you coming back for more!  That's why our local WTW events are now flourishing in so many states.  It's a win-win proposition not only for the kids, but for the coordinators and other volunteers as well.


We've made it easy to host an event of your own.  Often times the hardest part of coordinating an event is simply making the commitment to take the first steps.  But once people around you learn of this wonderful outreach and how it impacts the lives of so many young people, they will be eager to help.  We recommend that you attend a nearby WTW event if possible so that you can experience for yourself the excitement the participants have to just be able to spend a day on the lake with people that care about them.


If you are interested in becoming a local event coordinator, please contact us using the link below.  We will be happy to help you with your decision in any way that we can.  Many times an experienced volunteer from a neighboring state will even be able to make the trip to attend and help a first-time coordinator with their event.  Remember, it's not anything that we do as individuals, but what we do as a Wake the World Family that makes events possible.  The comradery that is built amongst the volunteers of local events cannot be expressed in words.

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