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Board of Directors

Greg Hodgin - founder/ceo


In 1985 Greg married his high school sweetheart, Lois, and has two daughters Jennifer and Julie. He also has 2 son in laws (Brian & Landon respectively) and a 2 grandsons Ellis & Luke. Greg owns an industrial paint contracting business. He is a 6 time Masters Wakeboard State Champion and the 2007 US Masters Wakeboard Champion. In 2015 Greg received the prestigous "Larry Meddock Award" (Man of the Year in Watersports)  from the WSIA. Greg was awarded the "Pass the Handle" award from Wakeboarding Magazine in 2019.

Lois Hodgin - co-founder


Lois is a loving wife, mother and proud grandmother. She also an RN at our local hospital. She is active in many health oriented committees.

Eddie Trogdon - co-founder


Eddie is married to his wife Marty. They have 4 boys, Ronnie, Daniel, Benj and Andrew. Eddie is an executive at a manufacturing plant. Eddie has served as a professional boat driver for many tournaments including the 2012 US National Hydrofoil tournament.

Scott Dunn - co-founder


Scott is married to his wife Rebecca. They have 2 boys Nash and Ian. Scott is a practicing attorney. Scott and Rebecca began waterskiing together in college. Scott and the boys competed in INT tournaments for several years.

Reynolds Lisk - co-founder


Reynolds is married to his wife Mary. They have 2 children, Tyler and Laura. Reynolds is the President of a local insurance agency. Reynolds and his family have been active boaters for many years.

Greg Hodgin
Lois Hodgin
Eddie Trogdon
Scott Dunn
Reynolds Lisk

Ryan Caroll - board member


Ryan is married to his wife Cory. He has a stepson, Cole. Ryan is an owner of an IT solutions company. Ryan & Cory are directors for Wake the World Texas (San Antonio).

Ryan Caroll

Shaun Brinkle - co-founder


Shaun is a member of the original 8 Club! (There were 8 boats at the first Wake the World event) Shaun was was added to the board in 2016. His honesty, integrity and passion make him awesome asset to our organization.

Mike Thomson 


Mike and his family have been involved with Wake the World for several years. Mike is very active with NC Wildlife promoting educational programs on behalf of Wake the World and the WSIA. If you are in NC at a boat ramp and notice a "Wake Responsibly" sign, that was Mike's project.

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